Wild Purple

Forest leaves, rare and powerful


Origin: Feng Qing, Yunnan, China

Pick date: March 2019

Best before: March 2020

Hands down one of our favourite teas. Best enjoyed when you have a bit of time and not in a rush. Leaves from ancient wild tea trees that grow 1500-2300 m above sea level. This makes for a unique and extremely rare tea to savour. This has a powerful grounding effect that occurs gradually with each steep. Deeply rooted and shows you what a tea of this quality does to the drinker.

Tasting profile

Aroma: Very complex. damp forest earth, deep passion fruit and ripe plum with mineral undertones

Flavour: Earthy and juicy wood cask sherry like malt whisky finish with cherry notes.

Texture: deep rich and thick with incredible retro-olfaction experience and strong huigan, where sweet damson plum lasts many minutes after tea has been drunk.


Store in an airtight, cool, dry place in opaque packaging.