Moonlight Dragon

An evolving ball of flavour


Origin: Jinngu, Yunnan, China

Pick date: April 2019

Best before: Not gets better with age

This white tea is a very unique and interesting due to its semi-oxidized state making it similar to a Pu-erh. Leaves are from a tea garden located at over 2000m elevation and are hand rolled to produce these tea balls, perfect for travelling with.

Tasting profile

Aroma: Stone fruits with subtle buttery honey and toast notes.

Flavour: Apricot and peach with a lasting sugar cane and maple syrup sweetness on later steeps.

Texture: Thick, juicy and creamy, like peaches and cream.


Store in a dark, cool, dry place with minimal odours.

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 14 cm

Small (20g), Medium (50g), Large (100g)