Golden Melon

Aged treasure


Origin: Menghai, Yunnan, China

Pick date: April 2005

Best before: not gets better with age

From a 70+ year old Pu erh factory in Menghai, this tea has high providence. Aged Pu erh is a considered a treasure due to its health benefits (fat burning, metabolism activating, digestive stimulant) and gained a lot of press for weight loss in the last decade. Enjoy this tea at any time of day. It is particularly good for meditation and contemplation time, grounding you with its deep earthy essence.

Tasting profile

Aroma: Incredible earthy depth with leather and woody notes of mahogany.

Flavour: Slight sweet and rich earthy flavour which immediately fills the mouth and nose with a hint of mustiness.

Texture: Warm, silky and rounded that carries a lightly on the tongue.


Store in a dark, cool, dry place with minimal odours.


Small (20g), Medium (50g), Large (100g)