Our Mission

Infuse tea culture into modern day lifestyles

Source the best, fair trade teas, organic if possible

Educate people about what makes a good cup of tea

Caring for the earth

Sourcing world class premium teas depends on a clean, unpolluted environment with a reliable, stable climate. As the pressures of climate change are becoming far more prevalent in the 21st century, which are strongly linked to the ecological impacts of modern lifestyles, we take the matter seriously and try our best to act responsibly and conscientiously.

All our teas are sustainably sourced, we use bio-degradable packaging and we educate our clients to choose environmentally friendly solutions.



Since the age of 12, after reading a book about the ancient Chinese taoist's, Henri has been fascinated by many aspects of Chinese culture and its lifestyle, of which tea is an integral part.
Having lived in China and South-East Asia for years, completing a degree in Chinese & Asian Studies and having worked on multiple projects in China in both commerce and culture sectors. Henri has found passion and balance in TeaDao, allowing the integration of culture, wellbeing, commerce, tea and ...Dao.

Besides TeaDao, Henri's main interest are Chinese Medicine, Daoism and QiGong.


A love of tea has been passed through several generations of Jamie's family. His grandfather was a tea planter in India and then set out on horseback in Papua New Guinea to look for highland areas to establish tea in the 1950's, later growing single-estate teas in Kenya and Uganda.Jamie's own tea path really began many years ago in a small shop in Malaysia, where two old tea masters served the best tea he had ever tasted. Since then, bringing the joy of tea to others by sourcing and sampling unique tea from all around the world, has been an ongoing adventure.